Having fun


This weekend we have been on a trip and have found an area where we can run free and it is enjoyed in style :-)

Emil became this year's silver bloodtrackingdog on 20 hours / 400 meters blood trail. Every year, The Danish Beagleclub reviews the results on the various tracks and finds gold, silver and bronze dog.

2020 has been small with exhibitions, due to COVID-19.
Finally we left for Rostock, here was the opportunity to end the journey towards a German championship. First Emil won his class and became German champion. Next he became best male and got his first CACIB and a German title Rostock Sieger. The day ended with a fight for...

Team Emil dit it again, not only did he get a 1st prize, he also became The Dog Of The Day 👍
Blood tracking trial 400m/20h
🏆1st prize
Big thanks to judges,Pathfinders and Testleader.



Was on a photo shoot this morning. The photographer was very pleased with how we worked 😇

This weekend we visited good friends in Jutland. We slept in a caravan and sister Diva and Vela were there too.

Happy birthday


3 years old, what a lovely time we had and I´m looking forward to lots of new adventure, with you and the rest of the pack.

In these Corona virus times, the days get a little longer as there are so many limitations. But fortunately we can still get out in the sun and go for a walk or do some workout.